acting experience


    The acting experience for an actor is not knowing how they acted.

     An actor's mind and body rebel, they refuse to leave reality for illusion.

     Now, let me show you how acting works. You are thinking your objective (to win his confidence, to win his confidence...) The audience doesn't know what you have chosen as your objective. All they know is you seem to be doing something that is consistent. The objective is what holds you consistent. We get into your head and read into it all kinds of things.

      There is rarely anyone to help you out there. You have to know what to do to help yourself. Actor in this industry has to be ruthless, selfish, aware of everything that is going on. Actor has to be self-resilient, self-reliant and self-sufficient. Work-up a standard of excellence. Train your own instincts.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."