Who is the aggressor?

     That's the question that decides the staging.

     It goes hand in hand with "What should the scene look like?

     It's telling the story in movement by finding what I call the pattern of behavior.

      choices     who is doing what to whom?     who is the aggressor?


     The questions you ask yourself when doing a scene:

    Who is...

the motor? Aggressor, who makes it go?

     Staging comes from the actors: What is my position - am I the aggressor?

pursuing who?
the driving force, who has the energy?

     Legs have to follow the aggressor.

     In conflict, someone has to attack.


     Principle of movement:

by itself must tell the story.

     Who is aggressor?


     Whole element behavior, lift it off pages. (He is) aggressor.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."