Learning from other arts.

      art and reality

  1. Acting is the one art you can't be caught doing.
  2. Art begets art. Have a sense of it.
  3. Art form: requires you to be relaxed.
  4. Art full of certainties: Achieve a certain end, never show audience how to behave. Give audience time to work: Containment (feel and feel, but contained).
  5. Art full of certainties: Achieve a certain end, never show audience how to behave.
  6. Art gives a specific statement.
  7. Art is a statement of what is.
  8. Art is a suggestion, art isn't thrown at you.
  9. Art is all about imagination.
  10. Art is better with a sense of freedom. You get newness.
  11. Art is enhancing reality.
  12. Art is not just feelings. Art is a plan. Effect this scene has on audience. To insight.
  13. Art is not reality, art is selective reality.
  14. Art is not the truth.
  15. Art is theatrical, colorful, exciting. (Two people on a hot grille.)
  16. Art isn't conclusive. Art is suggestion of something.
  17. Art must be taken serious all the time.
  18. Art of acting is moving the audience, not the actor.
  19. Art of acting is moving the audience, present a creditable human being. Find a way to justify character. How does he see himself. Don't fall into traps.
  20. Art with a purpose.
  21. Be delighted: you're learning your art.
  22. Difference between reality and theater: we are making a mirror image, a painting of something.
  23. Don't love your performance, love the art of acting.
  24. Don't show off your art. Just do it well, purist.
  25. Each moment in a scene. Art of motion picture. Motion pictures are micro now, full of detail.
  26. Good art achieves it over time.
  27. Good art comes out of happiness.
  28. Good art is never muddled always focused.
  29. Good painter attacks his painting.
  30. Has to look like life. Art is not truth, a lie to see the truth.
  31. In your art take big brush strokes.
  32. It's all work in progress. Life is work in progress. All work (art) is in progress.
  33. Joy of doing the work is art, not from torment.
  34. Lesson in art: Don't show torment, just what are we, where are we going.
  35. Life can be, art cannot: order.
  36. Look on forms of vases. Greek. Full of symbolism down to sculptures, paintings, from life, not street gestures. Each one has an attitude, figures, essence of the human figure, not a picture in bronze.
  37. Principle: Story telling, don't take up time with things that don't matter, art of compression.
  38. Reality is not art. Avoid reality.
  39. Realism, bigger energy. Art: there has to be order, existing doesn't hold alone on stage, do things big.
  40. Struggle. Emotions involvement, art is simple.
  41. Talented painter attacks canvas.
  42. Talking about art, get the audience interest.
  43. Territory, art of acting move the audience.
  44. Theater is a series of effects. Audience will make their own truths. Make the right choices. Can it be accepted as true. Audience believe the character. Art is not truth.
  45. The Art of Acting: Spell binders, entertainers. To act we are talking about skills, you just don't throw yourself into it.
  46. Turn on all your lights, wonderful persona, art is not a straight line.
  47. We are talking about a piece of art, not a picture.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."