beginning, middle, end


     what is the story?


     Know where you are in the play with your acting.

     Beginning, middle, and end.

     Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl.
     All scenes has content, a whole piece.
     Each moment must be played. Play out the moment.
     That it grows.
     People change.
     Every moment must have form. Then dialogue will have meaning.

     Don't play the end of scene in beginning or middle.


     Everything has a beginning, middle and end.

     Whatever you do you have to complete.

     Can't pretend nothing; if you have to eat, then eat.
     If you're going to drink, always complete it.
     Enter a room, looking: beginning, middle and end.
     Whatever you are doing, do it. Looking out window, then look. Don't indicate.

     Dramatize each moment: do each thing fully, then frame it. Series of discoveries for audience and character.

    Every moment has a beginning, middle and end, then dialogue will have meaning.

     Beginning, middle and end must have form.

     Theater of the Absurd has no start, no middle and no end.

     Theater of the Absurd does not have a beginning, middle or end.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."