black comedy


     Heighten people in heightened comedic situations, based on despair.



     Black Comedy...

is based on despair.

     Heighten people trying to achieve something.

has jokes based on losing.
is humor of despair and humor of sadness.
is grim subjects envision (despair) grim things going through out. Humor of the morbid.
is done like farce. (Almost farce).
is weird, deal with life. Can't play straight. Comedy opposite. Key: Fun and nightmare. Don't go in and out of drama; soap opera. Need actors who are already off the wall.

     Black Comedy is heighten people in abstract situation, must be informative, over all makes you think.

  1. Black Comedy is based on despair. {terror - to make my life exciting} Emotion that best fits the scene. The movie is about losing touch with reality. Black Comedy is done like Farce.
  2. Black Comedy is like farce, based on despair.
  3. Black Comedy: Despair, style like farce that's what people are dump about style. Set the key; Humor.
  4. Black Comedy: do scene very serious.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."