audible     comedy    

     comedy is an exact science, you must learn the science


     Clear to audience.

     Make a plan.

     Pick emotion.

     Gives you clarity.

     Pick objective.

     Clarity is most important with less acting. Make the character understood and attractive.

     Actors on the screen have great clarity.


     Going absolute clarity.

     Clarity of words, that is what writers want.

     Have to speak clearly and audible.
     Allow the dialogue to come out, don't disappear.
     Clear makes a point.

     Clarity of speech: enunciation


     Must be understood in comedy.

     Clarity is one of the major things in comedy no matter what the emotion.

     Understand every single word.

     Clarity is the name of the game.

     Comedy is clarity; skill, timing. Comedy is technique.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."