combat     conflict     prize fight


     Audience watches what is the contest.

     Every scene look for:

a contest of wills.      Look for worthy opponent.

     No fun if scene isn't a contest.

two guys in a ring.      Prize fight.
caginess of people.


a personal contest.      Two people trying to work it out.
difficulty, it is a contest.


a war.      Endless war between men and woman.

     Audience wants blood, excitement, passion.

     To make a contest, to make a conflict, even though you are friends.

     Every play is a war, a contest.

      Scene must be a contest of wills.



     Actor is part magician.

     Every moment a battle, find ways, every moment is unusual.

     Once you have a spell, don't move.

     Theatrical sense.

     How do I make everything special?

     Contest between two characters is biggest moment of the scene.

Comedy: a scene is a contest.

 Mystery requires it to be a contest.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."