problem of scene

  1. A clash of emotions, not a conversation, people effect each other with emotions.
  2. Anyway you can get displayed, reasonable. A conversation is not a scene. Content and moment.
  3. Audience won't sit and just watch conversation.
  4. Conversation in a play has to be theatrical event.
  5. Conversation is behavior, do things that say things, it is body language. Add behavior, tells you more than dialogue.
  6. Conversation is not a scene, no matter how witty: a confrontation is a scene.
  7. Conversation minimal speech.
  8. Don't just jump into conversation.
  9. Even a funny conversation is not a scene.
  10. Give people behavior not just conversation. Show us what is wrong.
  11. Outside the nine dots, the unusual is the objective - Outstanding. Choice the exact opposite in objectives. Pick the emotion that fits the scene. Scene is not conversation, it is combat.
  12. Principle: conversation is not a scene.
  13. What is interesting, not conversation.
  14. What is the excitement underneath. (Normal meeting with a woman on the make.)

"In the end, it can't look like acting."