1. Comedy change your concept. Dilemma greater. Don't play humor of dialogue. Approach to the man hole.
  2. Comedy - Human dilemma.
  3. Derailment is characters dilemma.
  4. Dilemmas played out.
  5. Don't go for only the laughs. The plight of human beings. Human dilemma.
  6. Each character has a big problem. A person in a dilemma. Take audience out of their dilemma.
  7. His dilemma is the stupidity around him.
  8. Joke come out of true dilemma.
  9. Suffer; be in a dilemma.
  10. Present the dilemma.
  11. Have to be in a dilemma.
  12. What is human dilemma?
  13. Opposite of dilemma.
  14. The difference between a Drama and Modern Tragedy: Modern Tragedy is too fall from great height, all central characters die, no way out of dilemma. Has to be done in stylized manner.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."