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78. Hi Tiny, Thanks for the GREAT site! And how cool that you actually studied with Don (Richardson). About 5 years ago, I was thinking about getting back to acting after a long absence. Came across Don's book and took class with Brad (Heller, Acting Without Agony Academy), liked him a lot, wasn't so into the technique (and the scene I ended up working on for a full month) AT THAT TIME. Many classes later (I'm grateful to say with a few national commercials and my first feature along the way), I was re-reading Acting Without Agony last night and something just CLICKED big time. After years of training including a B.A. a gazillion years ago from UCLA, I finally got how to USE the objective (I'd always gotten it intellectually, but not practically). I saw how I could use this with an emotion for an upcoming film audition and was so excited I could barely sleep.Holland USA

77. Your web site You have the absolute best online acting website on the internet.!!!!!!! I stayed on for hours. Your site is more informative than most of the seminars and workshops I have attended.  Well written, simply stated...examples.....JUST AWESOME!!! Ruthann 

76. Gilles Hello Mister Tiny Ron. My name is Gilles, I am from France and I am 26 years old. My only wish is to become an Actor and a good one if possible. I do modeling right now and thing are going fine but I move in L.A. to act and I am ready to learn. Your web-sit is GREAT I learn so so much from it. Thank you for this incredible ABWAG.COM sure it help a lot of people... Au revoir et bientot... Gilles 

75. Hello Mr. Ron Hello Mr. Ron, my name is Akash and live in Toronto. I just want to say that your site is very helpful and organized. I have learned a lot from your site alone. Keep up the good work! 

74. Acting career Hello. I very much enjoyed your website on acting.  I found it very informative and fun. 

73. Hey I liked your site, it helps me understand the art of acting Hello. I just wanted to say that I went to your web site. I think it is very good. I have a play coming up soon in June and I wasn't sure if I would do a good job in my part. I am a amateur in acting, but I would like to become more experienced. I go to a performing arts school which is really great and my drama teacher cast me to be a king in the play that we are doing. I have no idea why she put me up for this part. I at first was going to try out for the janitor which didn't have much lines. I know that it doesn't matter how much lines a person has but how they act out those lines. As I said my teacher cast me for the king. At first I was like all happy and stuff like that. But then a day or two later I said to myself don't let my ego go to my head. Even though she gave me a huge part I need to be myself. Uh, so lately I have been trying to do some research about acting. I have been successful in my research and then once I came across yours for some reason it gave me a strong feeling that I can do this, I can be an actor. I just want to say thank you for making this website that gave me the confidence that I needed and I hope that other people will have this same experience with your site. Have a good day.

72. fellow believer Tiny Hi, my name is a Gary. I was with Don (Richardson) at UCLA in 86-and his private class in 87-88. I just want you to know that Dons approach is alive and well on the east coast. I started and acting class for teens and adults and use Dons teaching for my classes. I am based in Connecticut
close to NYC. Take care, Gary.

71. WAYTOGO I am a determined and ambitious actress in Los Angeles and I want to let you know that I have been on this web site, now starving and eye glued to the computer, for an hour and could not stop reading and clicking!!! This website was very inspirational. I've been away from studying for about 6 months now, but this has inspired me to go back and start the learning process and practicing again very soon. I will definitely fine the book and read. I would have loved to be in Mr. Richardson's classes. I'm sure he was wonderful. Thank you!!!

70. Thanks Really interesting web site. Best wishes

69. Acting Hey, My name is Alesha, I'm 14 and I am very interested in acting. I surfed into your website and I thought it was fantastic! I rate it 9 and a half out of 10. Keep up the bloody good work. I'm very very passionate about acting (trust me its NOT a childhood faze) and your website helped me a lot. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to become one but I realized I can't give up. Thanks heaps, I will never give up on my acting dream.

68. Questions Dear Tiny Ron, I read Don Richardson's book and found it amazing. I am currently on my third time reading the book and cannot put it down. I live in the New York City area and all of the acting schools teach "The Method". It is either Meisner and/or Strasberg. I am a 25yr old computer analyst and I would love to get involved in the theatre. 

67. (no subject) Ron, Thank you for all of the excellent advice! You have helped tremendously.  

66. physicality in acting Loved your website! I am teaching a class in Atlanta this Thursday evening and would love to share some of your thoughts on the physicality of acting. I also plan to share your site with the students. Thanks.

65. Nice Site...I just stumbled across your web page and just wanted to say that it's very inspiring. Great work. TA-South Carolina

64.Great Site... Hi, I've visited your site on several occasions over the last year. You have a great site with tons of information for aspiring actors and those who are just curious about the acting technique.

63. Acting Without Agony I want to tell you how thrilled I am to have discovered the book Acting Without Agony and your related Web Site. I have been struggling with acting for many years and was ready to give up, when I recently found Don Richardson's book. It is unlocking the secrets of acting and opening up new possibilities. Questions that I've had for years -- and tried to answer with approaches such as Meisner -- are finally becoming clear. As a result of finding Acting Without Agony, I'm recommitting myself to acting, and this week I'm getting new head shots taken. I'm also very pleased to see that Mr. Richardson's work is being carried on by acting teachers in L.A. He must have been a wonderful teacher.

62. ABWAG Hi Tiny Ron Really like the site. It's so useful and practical. Must have taken ages to set up.

61. Love visiting Hi Tiny, I love visiting your web page on acting, It has so much information, I continue to find things I need to know about acting. I understand it better every time I visit the page and pick out things to study. I find it inspirational how many hits you get everyday, how many people that enjoy your web page as much as I do. Keep up the good work, I am looking forward to your book. A fan in Santa Barbara, Lyn

60. ABWAG web site Hello, I found your website and am immensely glad that I did.  I am 29 years old and considering a move to LA to continue my acting career (though, the more I read on the subject the more I feel I should say "begin my acting career").  Anyway, your notes are great, they are not wordy expositions.  Just enough to stimulate my own thoughts and feelings.  I wish you luck in your upcoming play and if I find myself in LA at the time will definitely check it out (after all, who doesn't love Sam Shepard). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your work has touched at least one person.Patrick


58. This site is awsome!!! I've never seen better site about acting than this one, this a a great help for beginers and also for already formed actors. I wish you everything best. Djordie, a actor beginer from Belgrade!!!

57. Hello Hello, My name is Dana B. I would like to say that I
loved your page about what you should feel, what to think about and what you should do when you act. It helped me out so much when I did the play Fiddler On the Roof. I was the mother and I had alot of singing parts and lines and It was hard to get into character but I practiced at It and when it came to performance I did one of my scenes and I came off and I was like where am I because it felt like I was really there.Your advice helped me get into that time and helped me to do what I should do. I will use your advice in all the plays I do now and will never forget it. Thanks so much for putting that out on the internet for me to find. Your advice helped me so much. Thanks you so much.~Dana~

56. WOOW! I am 19 yrs old and I live here in Boston and right now I can't afford acting classes but with these helpful tips, I just study and apply! I have always dreamed of becoming and actress and I just wasn't pointed into the right way of doing things but I know with this website I could learn alot! Me and my boyfriend just copy script off the internet and then we pick a role that I am gonna be and I just study and apply all the things said in this website!! I will refer it to all my friends and associates interested in acting. Thanks
again, Monique

55. Hello Hi my name is Nicole (I'm 16) and I frequently visit your site. I am just beginning to research acting and all its principles. Lately I've been hearing about the "Strasberg" and "Stanislavski" method. I decided to research it and find out what they were all about. I have come to the conclusion that you are absolutely right. I completely agree with you when you say the actor is not the character, and that taking experiences from your own life is not the key. I have learned a lot from your site and I just wanted to applaud you!

54. acting lessons since reading mamet's "True and False" i have been skeptical about the method. your website helped clear things up about what consequences the method can do. 

53. your site. Dear tiny, I have just finished reading the information on your site, and i think that it is the best site on the web to do with acting. I know that it will help me with my acting career, and i won't forget you when i make it big in movies! I am now going to order Don's book off the internet, and i just know that it will become like a second bible to me. Thank you for creating such a useful site for all of us wannabe's.  

52. Wonderful site! Hello: I want to commend you - what a great and informative site. I'm a writer primarily, suspense novels - you never know how thing will turn out, do you? - but I have a great passion for the theatre, and have been involved in community for most of my life. I'll be back to visit again - fascinating. Keep up the great work. I'll recommend your book.

51. comedy beats Wonderful site! More technical and useful information about acting in general and comedy in particular than I've seen any other place! Here in the hinterlands, it's hard to find out about these things. A note about the comedy technique of marking the jokes, and preceding them with a beat - fascinating stuff, and it works like a champ! Sometimes, though, the joke is that there IS no beat. Example: one character's trying to get the other character to sing a song, and the other character is loudly demurring - and then suddenly agrees. In this case, no beat = insincere modesty. The effect is like falling through a trap door - it's a sudden change of position. Thanks for the site, my friend - and thanks for recommending Don Richardson's book. It was a fascinating read, and full of more helpful advice than I've gotten from years of acting classes.

50. great site!! I'm learning to become an actor and this is a great site. This is a great thing you've done and I am sure there are many grateful aspiring actors who feel the same way. THANKS. 

49. hi tiny ron, hi - thanks for your wonderful site. i stumbled across it last night as i was browsing the net. it has helped me considerably and put me in a more positive frame of mind. you see, i am just starting my career as an actress and recently i've had bouts of self-doubt and a kind of self-loathing i suppose. i've done a little theatre, and two months ago i was cast in a very popular sitcom on tv. everything i have done in the theatre  has been serious roles. when i was suddenly thrown into this show, i was a little confused to begin with but i stuggled along and improved considerably as we went along. i've done eight episodes which have all gone on air. at the last recording, i was watching the most recent episode being aired and it really depressed me because i still saw myself as not as exaggerated and hyper as all the others in the show. its about a really hyper, very low-IQ, really idiotic family and i'm supposed to be supposedly the smart one - in that i come up with really *smart* solutions to all our problems but they quite obviously don't work... it's been fun. every different from what i've ever done before. and i've really tried ti improve but i began feeling that maybe i really can't do a comedy role. during the last recording i wanted to quit the show altogether, i lost all faith in all my acting abilities. I don't normally get to see myself on screen. only small glimpses - since we're recording right then. and i'm highly critical of myself. i refuse to be easily satisfied with my work. but then i began thinking that instead of hating this so much or believing that i can't do it - i ought to have some fun with it. learn how to enjoy it and treat it as a challenge. i was browsing the net for material on acting and i came across your site. it was really so interesting to go through it and to read all your advice. how can i thank you enough? i feel so much better after going over it and am actually looking forward to the next recording. thank you.

48. I absolutely love you web site Your website has inspired me a lot. i was into acting and theater before but after reading your site it has made my passion even stronger for theater and acting. 

47. Thank you for this site! I'm at the very beginning of my acting career, and recently checked out a copy of Mr. Richardson's book from the library. I could not put it down. For the first time, I actually began to understand what I needed to do to become a good actor. I am so grateful for his wonderful book, and was saddened to see that he is no longer with us. I'm thankful that you are continuing to spread his word. Please keep it going!

46. great site!! I'm learning to become an actor and this is a great site, my only problem is that there is so much info.....where do I start? What is the best way to use your site and in what order? I've just started the learning process 2 months ago in Las Vegas (I'm from Vermont) and I think your site is a great help, just want to be able to fully use your knowledge. This is a great thing you've done and I am sure there are many grateful aspiring actors who feel the same way. THANKS.

45. Wonderful site! Hello: I want to commend you - what a great and informative site. I'm a writer primarily, suspense novels - you never know how things will turn out, do you? - but I have a great passion for the theatre, and have been involved in community for most of my life. I'll be back to visit again - fascinating. Keep up the great work. I'll recommend your book.

44. GREAT WEB SITE Hello, I am a theatre student in New York City@ Marymount Manhattan College. I am very interested in your technique. Thank you for the great inspiration and ideas. Also, thank you for a great website.

43. no subject very interesting.................

42. Your web site I think your web site is fantastic!!!

41. no subject Wow! After searching for a few days now, infoseek came up with your MAGIC!!! WEBSITE. I am so excited to have found it! Many thanks for the lessons I'll be learning for the rest of the year (there are so many)
40. no subject more more!!

39. :) Just a quick note to tell you that I enjoyed your sight. I am a new comer to New York and a new student at the School for Film and Television. It is going okay, but a few words of wisdom always come in handy. Thanks.

38. Suggestion I just wanted to let you know that I love your website. I have learned so much from this site that I never learned in any of my classes. Have you ever thought about doing any kind of seminar?

37. Kindred Spirit Thank God there is someone else out there that knows what acting is. I haven't gone through all your pages, but I see our philosophies are very similar. I invite you to peruse my site and if you agree, we can cross link. http://acting.freeservers.com  
(Mind, Body and Voice) and then GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY." -KF- "The old ways, The Method, Meisner, Checkov, Adler, etc.) have become antiquated, limiting, cumbersome, clumsy, stiff, dangerous to the actor, confusing and basically ineffectual." (from my book, "ACTING IS STORYTELLING") "A man isn't an actor until he commands a technique which enables him to get an impression across into the heart of an audience without reference or relation to his own individuality. The better the actor, the more completely is he able to eliminate the personal equation and the poorer the actor, the more he must rely on his own personality (personal equation) in his
attempt to tell the story." - John Barrymore -

36. Classes in L.A. Love the site! Have been a big fan of the book Acting without Agony for several years - just moved from London to LA - is anyone teaching this out here? Would love to check out a class!

35. Hello Hi I would like to send a comment to whomever made the "feel, think, do" technique...it is very impressive. And I can tell that, that person is intelligent and very secure with themself. Even though I am only 15 and I barely have any acting experience... i am extremely admired by this home page. :)

34. Comment This is an excellent site. I have an audition on Sunday and it is my first one and this site just gives excellent tips and lessons. Thank you.

33. Thank you I would like to say thank you. I have finally picked up a copy of the book and found it to be one of the clearest explanations of what an actor needs to do that I have ever read or heard. It is clear, simple and complete but definitely not easy. This is a decision I made relatively late in life I was 36 and I now feel that I have a guide to base my activities [at least craft wise] on. Also after reading the book I believe that I understand more about this web site and the motives behind its creation. I look forward to someday meeting you and working together.

32. audition I am a young man who takes acting serious. I pray and pray for a break and I know in my heart that someday I will receive one. The information on your site has helped me more 
than you know, and to that I want to say thank you.

31. Absolute the best site for drama info Hi The net has led me many places and guided me to a lot of reading, but your site has me excited about the information presented with brevity, yet pointed pizzazz. Great work. My students and I need all the help we can get!!!

30. I like acting You are doing a great job. I wish I had known in High School what I know now after going through your Web Site. I was in several plays and could have used some of your notes on acting. Maybe I will get into a Little Theater. Thanks again

29. Hi I must say. Very good material. I've enjoyed browsing your website because it's filled with stuff that I studied in NyCity. I'm in Los Angeles now and will use lots of your stuff during my auditions. thanks

28. Web Page Damn but you have a great site.....Here i sit at 4am, working as a computer consultant but still dreaming about returning to acting. So i do a search on "acting" and what do i find...your site!...and it is better than good, it is great!!!....so highly concentrated with all the practical things that one needs to address in that never ending evolution toward making it " real ". Thanks a ton.....i needed a site like this and i am sure many others appreciate it as well. Have a great day...... :-)

27. (no subject) I studied with Don at UCLA starting in 1994 and he became my mentor as he did with many people. I loved him and respected him. I was also in his very last class on Jan. 9, 1996 and felt his passing profoundly. I remember him saying, "All knowledge should be public" and I was delighted to see that you are following his words. Thank you,

26. Thank you! I've been searching all through the web on some insight into what it takes to become an actor. Although I'm beginning my journey a bit late (I'm 32), I believe that I could make a go of it. I intend to study your site religiously for the next couple of months, giving myself time to practice the techniques you outlined. The info you have provided is so thorough and well written, I feel a bit guilty for not paying you for it. Please let me know when your book comes out so I can purchase it immediately! Again, thank you for this valuable information!

25. Thank you read your website, and I thought it was great I have never had such great tips, and have even had the ability to click on words I'm 16 and I am trying to emphasize my acting a little more and your site is helping me, help myself thank you

24. Web Page Great page! It had a lot of good stuff. However, it was kind of hard to follow. It would be better if you had it more paragraph form or outline form with complete sentences and not so many links. I got kind of confused. Otherwise, good stuff!

23. (no subject) Thank You for your page

22. It's amazing I'd like to say your page is one of the most fantastic I've ever seen on the Internet. Thank you and CONGRATULATIONS for having this idea.

21. To say "hi" I found your directing worksheet notes and happened on to your website just now. It looks as if you have truly captured the "great man." I'll look forward to your book. So glad you are having such a fabulous career -- you were always such a joy to Don, because you understood his teaching to the core. All the best and let me know when your book is coming out. As ever... We did have fun, didn't we?

20. HI. Hey Dude man you got a really cool site. It is very informative. Thanks for all the info. Good luck with your acting career.

19. acting. I feel that i learned a lot. Now I know i am going to be an actress...

18. (no subject). I really enjoy your drama information, I have to do a report about drama: acting. With all of this info. I am sure to get an A plus.

17. About your website. I am very interested in acting and have been looking at all of the sites I could find on the web...I must say, yours is one of the best that I have seen.

16. Re: Book. Thanks for the info. I have attended classes on method acting before, but your web site is more in-depth on the subject of acting than any I've ever seen. I would like to attend your acting classes. I could learn more than I know about the profession of acting.

15. Thanks. Hi. I'm fairly new in the business. Found your page...almost by mistake since I really am not good with computers and the internet. Just wanted you to know I found your info very helpful.

  14. Looking for insight. I happen to surf into your site, I was motivated by your philosophies of acting and how they can apply to all things you do in life.

13. Love the site. Hi, Love the site and though your character pictures are great. Need to spent more time browsing through your site. Good work!

12. Hi. Hey, I just wanted to say your site is really great . I took a class for acting and I think I learned more from your website.

11. No Subject. What a wonderful thing you've done creating this website. It's a great tribute to Don and his teachings and you're giving a lot of people an opportunity to at least get acquainted with his ideas. And who better to do all this than you. I'm sure wherever Don is he's smiling. It must have been quite a job to put all this together and keep it going! The only thing I don't understand is why you call the site "A.B.WAG."? Anyway, thanks for letting me know you have this. I have a great memory of Don and his teachings but my notes were not so good. You have helped fill some gaps and bring back some fond memories. T.R. In tribute to Don's feel, think, do technique... I came up with A. feel, B. think, WAG. do, whatever you have to do. A.B.WAG.

10. Research Project. I found your website quite interesting, and it was well presented and easy to follow. The system you outline makes a lot of sense to me too, and I can see how it would be useful in film and TV work.

9. No Subject. Thanks for your fantastic web page. It's a pleasure browsing through it.

8. can't read website. I wanted to get on your web site and print it out, but when it prints out I can't read it. The blue background doesn't come out and the yellow print is so light I can't read it. T.R.- The pages do print out for me on my old dot matrix printer, though. I might, after I complete all the links, look into the download format for a whole black-and-white transcript.

7. No Subject. Tiny , How wonderful! I see your page as a true act of respect and adoration for Don. I really respected him too. I came to him with a long list of acting experiences behind me and Don gave all that a focus and a new and enriched caring for the craft of it all. Thank you for keeping this great teacher alive

6. love it!!! Tiny, LOVE your page!!!!!5. Greetings !! How nice to receive this letter. Even nicer to cruise your web site. I can see you've been a busy beaver. And a wonderful testament to Don. I haven't visited the entire sight yet... but over time I will.

4. yo Tiny! I've been browsing your web page, and taking notes. Very informative!!! It's just what an actor (whether up-and-coming, or already established) needs as a handy reference to their craft. I find the sight very enjoyable.

3. Nice Site  Glad to see Don going interactive. I miss the old guy.

2. Hey there Tiny!!  Thank you so very much for the flyer!! It was so great to hear from you. Your website looks wonderful. I am so glad you are passing on the "gospel of Don".

1. Cool Web Site I saw your web site. Very cool! I can't wait to see what you add to it next. I love it that everything is from Don's own words. That's great! I saw your web site. Very cool! I can't wait to see what you add to it next. I love it that everything is from Don's own words. That's great!