emotional state


        adrenalin     heart beat up      motor      peak of exercise

        state of heavy breathing

  1. Acting = emotional output.
  2. Actor can't pretend things, it has to be emotional experience.
  3. Actor can't stop feeling, what is it to be a performer? Dies when not emotionally involved.
  4. Didn't have no big emotional conflict.
  5. Don't have the audience respond intellectually, only emotionally. Lacked drama because it wasn't emotional, not related to the larger problem of play.
  6. Emotional state is like after an exercise.
  7. Emotional strength of scene.
  8. Emotional turmoil.
  9. Emotional War.
  10. Emotional involvement, the characters involvement, set the key.
  11. Emotionalism is not the emotion of the character.
  12. First, get yourself into that emotional state. I taught you how to do it, be at the peak of exercise. Where you are out of breath, where the adrenalin is going through you and your heart is beating. Action. and don't recover.
  13. Give audience combat, slam things, (take off shoes, etc.) be very emotional confrontation not intellectual.
  14. How you are after exercise, out of breath.
  15. Something emotional.
  16. Scene was a discussion. Not emotional.
  17. The secret: actor emotionally charged, strengthen the emotion.

          In comedy find the most emotional problem, (Gleason is an enormous emotional bus driver) carry it to extremes.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."