Practice at home.

These are the kind of assignments to give yourself.

1. How to relax?     Sit on a chair comfortably . Put your arms to the side. Close your eyes.  Shake your hands at your sides until they feel loose. Roll your head around clockwise, then counterclockwise a few times.  You will feel the crackling in your neck. Now stop relaxed and think of jet-black water.

2. Emotion built to peak.      We all know what words mean. Get a deck of 3"x5" cards with one emotion written on each. Do one emotion for two minutes, then go to the next emotion card. Do this while cleaning house, etc. Not necessarily in public. First, take in air until you feel a click in the back of your throat as your air passage closes. Now, let the air out slowly and along with it the emotion you have from the card. Do this a number of times and each time let out even more noises as you exhale. It's all condition reflex. It has to be there for you on the set. Any emotion can then be done at any moment. You are training the body.

3. Objective, exclusion to everything else.     Make up an objective; (to keep the money, to keep the money...) Clean house, wash car, etc. while thinking just that objective. Training the mind how to think only of the objective of your character in a story.

4. Sense memory.     Hold an imaginary cup or write with an imaginary pencil. You are caught in a cold rain. Drink imaginary hot tea, etc.

5. Fill the room.     Stand in center of room with your eyes closed and stretch your arms out. Now, imagine your fingers touching the end walls and your head touching the ceiling . And say to yourself, "I'm big". It is an exercise to project your personality. The idea is to touch the walls when you act. Naturalism by itself is not admirable.

6. Don't be off balanced as actor, you must have a sense of self.      Say, "I am a star, I am brilliant". You have to have a larger ego. When you act your territory you have to be bigger. Fill the enormous space.

7. Emotion effects words.     Bring up an emotion, then say something clearly.

8. If you need help with enunciation...     just read the phone book aloud. E - NUN  - CI - ATE  EACH  SYL - LA - BLE.

9. How to practice laughing?      Make your objective "to not laugh". Then pick any emotion. Joy. You can laugh with fear or anger, also. Build up emotion in your chest, but don't let it out. Repeat your objective in your head; to not laugh, to not laugh. Then let the emotion run out of you... now start laughing.

10. Practice to learn how to do crying. Same as above...      "to not cry" - grief ...  We cry with joy, respect, etc. Then start crying.


"In the end, it can't look like acting."