Heightened people in heightened comedic situations.



     The secret of farce is suffering.

     Farce: is high comedy.

     What is normal and then do the exact opposite.

a sense of the ridiculous. Humor of despair.
play like vaudeville. Be Broad.
must be grand opera in toilet.
is just the difference between normal illustration and comic strip.
storm in a tea cup. Frantic.

     Find the truth under the farce.

     Don't clown through farce.

  1. Comedy is based on opposites. Farce is life turned upside down. What is norm, then don't do it.

  2. Farce: Problem is: each thing was done mechanically, but then you have to make it real. Make it all happen in heightened reality. If everything is funny, nothing is funny, you will wear audience out. "Find the moments to sacrifice the humor for reality". In comedy people can react to things together, but not in drama.

  3. Heighten people trying to achieve something. Black comedy: Grim subjects envision (despair) grim things going through out. Humor of the morbid.

  4. Cannot be played low energy, or quiet, or subtle. Play louder and funnier. How far from the norm?

  5. Go through same rules of farce no pauses. Has to be loud and must be funny. Go in a great panic.

  6. Work out steps in Farce.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."