Feeling emotions in various parts of the body, either in the stomach or chest area.

actor    juggle three things    subliminal


     How to do exercise.

     We all know what words mean. Get a deck of 3"x5" cards with one emotion written on each. Do one emotion for two minutes, then go to the next emotion card. Do this while cleaning house, etc. Not necessarily in public. First, take in air until you feel a click in the back of your throat as your air passage closes. Now, let the air out slowly and along with it the emotion you have from the card. Do this a number of times and each time let out even more noises as you exhale. It's all condition reflex. It has to be there for you on the set. Any emotion can then be done at any moment. You are training the body.
     Learn how to juggle three things: feel, think and wire.

     When you act.

start with:



a.) feel;


b.) think;


wag.) do;

what ever you have to do.

     Art of Acting is moving the audience, not the actor.

  1. All about emotion (feeling), not the mind.
  2. Be true to the style of the film. When in doubt, do nothing just feel and think.
  3. Resemble life: don't answer all answers all up front. Feel emotion, do objective. Let talent take over. Less the better.
  4. Feelings large enough to destroy you. Can not act without an emotion, more important than words, even the objective.
  5. When you do things like feeling emotion and thinking objective you don't even have to think about doing it. It all becomes subliminal in your acting. Don't be conscious of all the principles of acting once you learn them. Trust your body, your body can do many things for you. Your body remembers.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."