fill the space

  1. Actor like politicians, must win vote; be grandiose.
  2. "Fill the room" practice. Stand in middle of room let your fingers touch the end walls your head touch the ceiling while your eyes are closed.
  3. Don't be off balanced as actor, exercise, sense of self: I am a star, say I am brilliant, have a larger ego. When you act your territory has to be bigger. Fill the enormous space.
  4. Everything is up front, don't whisper, fill the space, voice and energy.
  5. Fill screen with presence.
  6. Fill the moment.
  7. Fill the room with atmosphere, feelings, not ideas.
  8. Fill the silences is actor's job.
  9. Fill time with acting not dialogue.
  10. Light up the room.
  11. You are not in a temple, you have to be entertaining, larger than life, occupy the space.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."