"Art of acting is to move the audience, not the actor."

"In life we don't know what comes next...    ...the same in acting."

"Art is a suggestion, art isn't thrown at you."

"Art isn't conclusive. Art is suggestion of something."

"Brain work is nothing, emotion is 80% of acting."

"No small parts, only small actors."

"Difficulty is the fuel that lights our acting fires."

"Life is not a box of chocolate, life is a barrel of shit."

"Comedy is a science, know the science and it will work."

"Be enjoyable to have around. Do not question the director's ability all the time."

"The truth is often under your foot, don't go looking in the mountains."

"Humanity is a clown. We're all clowns."

"Beautiful acting is when the actor isn't there, just the character is there."

"Art with a purpose."

"Play a coward, look for the bully in him."

"Evil is a secret thing, not in the open."

"Art is not the truth, but a lie to see the truth."

"Life is not a high noon shot out."

"All acting has to be larger than life."

"Behind every fortune there is a crime."

"Give the audience time to focus, do one painting at a time."

"Humans can not face the idea to not exist, we can't conceive this."

"The character doesn't know he is in a comedy."

"Don't be awed by author."

"Knowledge when to do nothing is a powerful weapon."

"Good art comes out of happiness"

"Acting can not be absorbed, you have to do it."

"Art is all about imagination."

"If the behavior is correct, even a deaf audience will understand it."

"Any line can be said a thousand ways."

"Coiled snake is more frightening than one sprung."

"Actor can not have pockets."

"Theatrical is foreplay."

"When people love one another they fight passionately."

"Acting is like a dream, don't put yourself in it."

"You don't have to work at what you are. You are all ready good at it."

"An actor has to serve the audience and work for the author."

"Think something through, four thousand others will do it, if you don't."

"The basic joke of a story or scene is mankind from the beginning of time."

"The trouble with most marriages is that each person thinks the other person is having more fun than they are."

"Revenge is a happy emotion."

"Acting is not just being there, acting is being vulnerable."

"Actor can't be tired, audience is tired."

"Acting is like a hang nail: why pull it, when you can cut it?."

"Don't be too structured, find a way to bury wheel."

"It is not enough to succeed, but to hear of your best friend's failure."

"Opposite of love is indifferent, not hatred."

"Acting is 80% feeling and 20% all the rest."

"If the behavior is correct, even a deaf audience will understand  it."

"Be serious actors, who want to do Comedy."

"Art must be taken serious all the time."

"If scene is going to hold audience, then not actors move, but characters move."

"When in doubt do nothing."

"Life energy is not acting."

"Acting is the work of the imagination."

"Human nature; when in doubt attack."

"Ideal performance in our expectation."

"Watch the best actors and steal from them."

"It ain't over until it is over."

"We live in a world of display, nobody is listening."

"The bigger you get the less people will help you with acting."

"Audience appreciate feast just not cream and cake."

"Don't use up resources, hold back. Audience waits for more from well."

"Being talent isn't enough, you must have skill."

"Be careful not to know what the character doesn't know."

"Keen intelligent is an impediment to acting."

"Wait long enough and all tragedy will turn into comedy."

"Acting is reacting."

"Trouble with great artists they become great thinkers."

"No man thinks he is a fool."

"Secret of drama: what is recognizable to audience."

"Humanity, that is the secret in all acting."

"Psychotics attract neurotics."

"Don't have a picture of it, just do it."

"House of Entertainment."

"Comedy is about suffering, not just funny things."

"Brain is limited, your impulse is unlimited."

"Acting is one art you can not be caught doing."

"Don't know where you're going in scene, that is what life is about."

"In Comedy, it is funny not who throws the pie, but funny where the pie lands."

"Answered prayers have caused more pain than unanswered prayers."

"Difference in life and performance: in performance you have to be audible, in life you don't have to worry."

"No relation is over as long as there is hostility."

"The more inventive you are, the better actor you are."

"The acting experience is not knowing how you acted."

"Director is the pilot of the story in a light house to keep the actors off the rocks."

"If acting was easy, everyone would be doing it."

"We don't face reality, we try to escape it."

"People feel at movies, they don't think"

"Comedy comes out of difficulty."

"Don't give us the monster, give us the foot" 

"Everybody's life is a failure."

"There are no new stories."

"Do Comedy as if in tight shoes and tight underwear."

"Not reality, but creditability.

"Don't seek ordinary, seek extraordinary."

"Talented painter attacks canvas."

"Acting natural won't get you anywhere."

"Never try and save a scene you are in, you'll only make it worse for yourself."

"Lead with your feelings, not your brain."

"In life we struggle to over come emotions, the job of the actor is to be swimming in them."

"Don't be too structured, find a way to bury wheel."

"All good art is simple."

"Life is accidental, not rehearsed."

"As an actor, don't get comfortable."

"Dress yourself in your imagination." "Life energy is not acting."

"Young actors act carefully, you have to learn to make mistakes."

"Don't love your performance, love the art of acting."

"Love the craft and principles, not the image."

"Avoid becoming a great thinker. The trouble with people who are talented is they become great thinkers."

"One simple jester is better than many, only behavior can be breath taking."

"Your talent will work, how advanced you are will show."

"Actors have to be serious, if you're horsing around you're wasting time."

"Actor have a will. Adequate actors do their thing, even the triumph of no talent."

"Comedy is a science, you must learn the science."

"Even in Comedy you have to be real."

"There are a lot of ass-holes out there who think acting is all about it being real. It's not about being real, anymore than painting is being about it being real."

"How a painter looks at a painting; a painter examines close up for texture and contrast."

"Not about logic, talking about the skill of telling a story."

"From the emotion comes the imagination and from the objective comes the staging."

"Tell your body to do something, that's acting."

"The emotion is true, the objective is true and everything else is conspired: lights, settings, etc."

"Easier for an actor to say, 'I know what I'm going to do', which is wrong."

"In your art take big brush strokes."

"Don't dilute yourself."

"The most dangerous thing is stupidity in charge, not evil, evil is predictable."

"When you are a star, you have to be aware of certain things. If a moment is important, take your time."

"Never do anything without a plan."

"Dress yourself in your imagination."

"Life energy is not acting."

"Never do a scene without a point of view."

"Not about talking. Acting is about behaving."

"Enter world of imagination. Dream is another place, another person. This is make believe: you're a cop, I'm a robber. Walk into it. I'm just in this dream. There is no you."

"When you act, you have to think: character has a light bulb inside, light up the innards to get the audience's interest."

"Don't think the story. Think what we want for the moment, make it all spontaneous. We don't know what's next. Every moment of life is unpredictable."

"Humanity; make the people real. Whole principle of theater."

"Drama is difficulty. That's the secret."

"Without emotion, acting is worth shit."

"To hell with the rules, hell with the standards, hell with the principles. I will make the audience love me, that is all bull shit. You can't trick it."

"Emotionalism is not the emotion of the character."

"You are in the business of creating illusion, so it's behavior more than what you say."

"Every moment has value. Forget real."

"People are born with talent, others are born with shit."

"It all comes from principles, that is the magic you see in acting."

"Step off diving board, talent will take over."

"Principles of painting, also go for acting, use a big brush and let it dribble."

"Make a base of credibility, then come up with things off the wall."

"Emotional state is like after an exercise."

"Modern way to act is to learn all of it, then forget that you know it."

"Your weapon is your body."

"Give the audience time to focus, do one painting at a time."

"Don't be awed by author."

"Heart line. Then plot line."

"Don't act with intelligent, but emotion. Audience is effected by emotion, not intelligent. Audience is caught up in emotions, not ideas."

"Don't just walk over the land, find the gold mines."

"Hot tip: all theater is foreplay." Never do anything without a plan." Dress yourself in your imagination." "Life energy is not acting."

"Every scene look for two guys in a ring. It's a contest, prize fight."

"Learn to act without the dialogue."

"Don't just invent business, but must have timing, technique and find motivation."

"The answer is, you have to make everything that happens meaningful."

"Great actors underplaying with emotion going and absolute clarity."

"Where the values are are in the behavior of the words."

"Certainty is wrong. Do all your planning, work it out, learn the words and then step off into space."

"Born alone, die alone and act alone."

"Attitude without an emotion will never work. You must vibrate inside."

"Once you decide what the guy is doing and what he is feeling, you got to stay on it. Because the moment you are dishonest, it is apparent."

"Shakespeare: acting is making words into flesh."

"Give up a laugh to stay real. Get the right laughs at the right time."

"Not a duplication of life, if it does you have monotony. But a reflection of life. Audience says, 'yes, I know I felt that way'."

"Scene ain't worth anything unless there is conflict. Also, acting without emotion is worth shit."

"Acting is not about talking. Acting is about behaving."

"Scene doesn't have to look real, but seem real."

"All about an emotion (feeling), not the mind."

"Avoid compassion or pity as your character's emotion."

"Approach your work with body relaxed so the emotion can take over."

"Emotions move the audience, not ideas."

"Play the human being. Show the brave side of life."

"Between life and entertainment, pick entertainment."

"Don't look for psychological conclusions as an actor."

"The principle is you learn the words and forget that you know them."

"Work on audience's heart string."

"Hot tip: all theater is foreplay." Never do anything without a plan.

"Don't get ready to do anything, your body will do it."

"Don't lean on things or touch each other, it only shows the insecurity of the actor."

"Make a thing entertaining in feeling."

"Things you find out from your talent and not your brain."

"The acting experience is not knowing how you acted"

"What you act is getting over the difficulty."

"Acting is the only art you cannot be caught doing."

"Acting is eighty percent feeling, twenty percent all the rest."

"The secret of all good story and all characterization is change."

"People who make so big a fuss about acting, should not be acting."

"Humanize, find what is real."

"Dream up funny things, then make it work."

"Life is so funny because it is illogical."

"Don't act a normal life. Pump up the actors."

"The whole idea is to see how much you can give the character." 

"Joy of doing the work is ART, not from torment."

"When you act, you have to act not just with your will, not just with your thoughts and feelings, but you have to act with your whole body."

"All work (art) is in progress. Life is work in progress."

"In the end, it can't look like acting."