The horror is that there is no horror.

          Someone who is supposed to terrify the audience.


  1. Principle is: The horror is, that there is no horror.
  2. Horror is there is no horror. Ordinary look of the monster.
  3. Suggestions of horror. She can't behave like a victim throughout. She is charming, flirtatious: the mask.
  4. Tell audience: you are not alone in our own horrors. Movies start showing us we are not alone, others have same grim thoughts.
  5. Threat: don't suggest evil, start out ordinary.
  6. My work is story telling. The horror is that there is no horror. A thing should reveal itself slowly.
  7. The secret on how to be scary. (Eichmann in the train station.)
  8. Opposites like in comedy. Secret of horror what would be different.
  9. You can't play a dangerous person. It can't be done.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."