hot tips

  1. Hot tip: all theater is foreplay.
  2. Hot tip: if other person is doing great number of things, activity, the other actor should be still.
  3. Hot tip for particular scenes in a drama: if there is nothing small about the scene, do overact.
  4. Examine the material and always play against it.
  5. A lesson in acting: not looking when reaching for something, that way we believe it is your living place.
  6. And if you feel any tension at all anywhere, you can press down with left toe as hard as you can until it hurts. Nobody will know it is in your shoe. All tension will go there.
  7. In film don't get into character until they are ready to shoot.
  8. If actor is playing serious and gets a chuckle from audience, the actor shouldn't pause, so joke areas don't work. The audience gets the hint.
  9. They evaluate in the editing room, what to use. If actor isn't doing anything it will be cut out for something else.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."