1. Emotions move the audience, not ideas.
  2. Feeling in body, not an idea.
  3. Idea what's theatrical?
  4. Don't act with intelligent, but emotion. Audience is effected by emotion, not intelligent. Audience is caught up in emotions, not ideas. Bernard Shaw wrote ideas, it was dull, but he did add political bites in it. Moved by the emotion, dialogue nothing. Not moved by dialogue.
  5. Have an idea, make it funny.
  6. Fill the room with atmosphere and feelings, not ideas.
  7. Idea of who your character is: not just using yourself.
  8. I have a good idea, never say: 'this is dumb.'
  9. Learn how to incorporate an idea into a story.
  10. No punctuation in speech. No commas, no periods. It is idea to idea. Stop anywhere, but not at a period.
  11. You cannot act with brain. You go from one idea to next idea with brain. You can think about play, its feelings, but you can't act the play with brain. Don't act with mind.
  12. Producer: money on his idea.
  13. Speak from one idea to the next. What should it do to audience? Only thinking what character is thinking.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."