ideal image


          The "ideal image" of the character.

          The ideal image is the character's secret self.

          To transform your behavior into that of your character, invent a "secret self" for him/her.

  1. Change physical appearance. 1. Center of character: life activity. 2. Ideal image.
  2. He is a rabbit. (Nervous) Ideal image of character.
  3. Ideal image of character: (like a loose "Olive Oil". Be a teenager.)
  4. Ideal image of herself: (She is a queen.)
  5. Ideal image of the character, (9 yr. old).
  6. Ideal image of the character. Characters secret self. Whole behavior will change. Who am I?
  7. Ideal image of yourself.
  8. Playing characters: Physically become character. a) center of character. b) ideal image of character. How do you go about it: Ably a) and b).
  9. What is the image we should see? What is going on? Can't just be "felt" right, it has to be dramatized.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."