1. Can't have people play outside own imaging.
  2. Get ready, place voice. Create images for audience. Greek bodies figures, see how they stand. Well rounded actor, you must have imaginary.
  3. Give images that moves the audience.
  4. Image. How to do less.
  5. Love the craft and principles, not the image.
  6. Pictures have meaning." Don't do the image that is normal, ruins suspense.
  7. Playing off the images.
  8. Read about other times, to draw images.
  9. Way out. Don't do normal images.
  10. What is the image we should see? What is going on? Can't just be "felt" right, it has to be dramatized.
  11. What you appear to other people. Must have the right images.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."