Everything comes from your imagination. Don't do things that physically can hurt you.

     Aptitude for acting is the ability to imagine things and let them happen in your feelings.

     Imaginary experiences.

      emotion     world of imagination


     Art is all about imagination.

     Use your imagination:

to tell a whole scene without talk.

     Dress yourself in your imagination.

more freely.
and have it happen in your feelings.

     It's all believing your imagination, hypnotize yourself.

      Learn to do things with your imagination, that is what sense memory is. Dialogue is least important.

      Acting is the work of the imagination.

      Enter the imaginary world.

  1. From the emotion comes the imagination and from the objective comes the staging.
  2. Give audience time for important pauses, to let their imagination work. Relate to their own experiences.
  3. Imagining things and have them happen in your feelings.
  4. Leave something for the audience's imagination.
  5. Monologue. Anything you can do with imagination is better. Less props.
  6. Stir the imagination of audience with feeling and thought.
  7. Use your imagination: Tell a whole scene without talk.
  8. Work of imagination.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."