Playing insanity. Alternating between two emotions for no logical reason. From joy to rage or grief to pride, etc.



How to play insanity in an easy and simple way.

     Dim mind (objective) + alternate 2 emotions = insane.

Follow this rule:

     The "insane principle" (above) is not to be used anywhere else in acting other than for playing insanity. Even if an actor is playing a neurotic person one stays with the overall acting principle for emotions for a character, which is, one emotion for each character until new information or new event occurs to change it.


     To play a psychopath or person in shock choice any two emotions, go from one emotion to another - rage to grief and back to rage...

      Life requires order and with insanity make changes with emotion. Don't be predictive, because mad is totally unpredictable, always surprise audience.

     Insanity; it is very practical to pick any two or even three emotions for a period of time and change them irrationally. For example from joy to rage; or from exhilaration to grief to disgust and back again.


     Principle of playing insane. How to play a person insane?

     When acting an insane person:

wear a mask.

     Actor is an entertainer. Change to be different; variety.

two emotions that have nothing to do with each other. Connected to nothing.
no logic in switching emotions. Audience will assume you're insane. All times unpredictable.

     Sane: we are all neurotic, different levels. Only use "two emotion principle" with insane, not with neurotic.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."