intention of author


          Understanding the author's intention.

          Our job is to serve the author.    

          First reading simply as entertainment, understand how the audience should react.

          Second reading is the time to think of an individual character and to start making choices.


  1. Authors intention: (a morality play. Don't make deals with the devil.)
  2. Intention of author: What does she know? Both must wear a mask.
  3. Intention of story: (they end up together.)
  4. Intention: make you feel.
  5. Know story. Intention of story.
  6. Overall intent of the author.
  7. Serve the authors intention.
  8. The intent of scene: (to frighten audience, etc.)
  9. Understand the story and intention of author.
  10. What the character wants, don't give up as character people trying to overcome difficulty.
  11. You have to understand the story. You have to understand the playwrights intentions, that is what the scene is there for.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."