1. Audience get tired of a tennis match, looking back and forth and eventually look at whoever is more interesting. Be inventive.
  2. Audience is a child, you have to give it to them clear and simple to follow. You have to physicalize it, audience won't understand it. Invent.
  3. A whole series of inventions. like a bead.
  4. Change surprise, great enemy is monotony. Keep inventing.
  5. Invent, invent. Up to actor.
  6. Has the means to it. Harder to do, better to act. Use the circumstance, invent, make more.
  7. Invent things to make it happen.
  8. Invent, must execute, must happen.
  9. Invention on invention.
  10. Must be unusual. invent. Know where audience attention is.
  11. Author gives the words, as an artist you can do things, invent all that happens. Don't do words literally.
  12. Actors must be inventive.
  13. Great actors are inventive.
  14. Change surprise, great enemy is monotony. Keep inventing.
  15. The more inventive you are, the better actor you are.
  16. Think of inventively - go outside the nine dots.

  1. If material is good, get it out. If material is bad, invent stuff to make it funny.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."