energy of life     resemble life

  1. Actual life is broken up.
  2. All acting has to be larger than life.
  3. Always find the unexpected. Resemble reality it has to be conspired reality: planned reality is not organized: ragged edge it is not smooth. Actors have to throw in difficulties. That is the human dilemma. Do everything organized. Life: nothing organized.
  4. Audience - see the secret of life; relate.
  5. Awareness of life.
  6. Between life and entertainment, pick entertainment.
  7. But a reflection of life. Audience: Yes, I know I felt that way.
  8. Character has to have an inner life.
  9. Deal with life bravely. Showmanship.
  10. Difference in life and performance, in performance you have to be audible. In life, you don't have to worry.
  11. Don't know where you're going, that is what life is about.
  12. Don't tell the story of your life every moment.
  13. Don't use energy you use in life. Bigger than life style, fill stage, screen.
  14. Don't walk into a scene with the same energy of life. Act with a larger energy. Use everything you can in your relationship.
  15. Everybody's life is a failure.
  16. Everything in life is personal.
  17. First rule: must entertain the people. Don't be a downer. People will turn you down. Deal with life bravely.
  18. Give them the emotion and inner life. Give yourself over to the whole moment. To be real you must soak yourself.
  19. Has to look like life. Art is not truth, a lie to see the truth.
  20. Have to be on, turning on your lights. Don't use energy you use in life. Bigger than life style, you have to fill stage or screen.
  21. Humanity is always dreadful. Don't look for the "ladeda" in life.
  22. In life we don't know what comes next, the same in acting.
  23. In life we struggle to overcome emotions, the job of the actor is to be swimming in them.
  24. It's all work in progress. Life is work in progress. All work (art) is in progress.
  25. Life can be, art cannot: order.
  26. Life is accidental, not rehearsed.
  27. Life is a continuous thing, so don't do a scene piece by piece.
  28. Life is crazy.
  29. Life is full of interruptions. In the middle of tragedy have an interruption.
  30. Life is not a high noon shot out.
  31. Life is not up front.
  32. Life is off the wall, can't be predictable.
  33. Life is so funny - because it is illogical.
  34. Life requires order, insanity; make changes with emotion, don't be predictive, mad is totally unpredictable, always surprise audience.
  35. Life: nothing organized.
  36. Live it, do it, in life you have a purpose.
  37. Make it look like life not theater. Documentary different look. Don't make it on the line.
  38. Look on forms of vases. Greek. Full of symbolism down to sculptures, paintings, from life, not street gestures. Each one has an attitude, figures, essence of the human figure, not a picture in bronze.
  39. Must resemble life.
  40. Mystery of life.
  41. Not a duplication of life, if it does you have monotony, but a reflection of life. [audience] "Yes, I know, I felt that way." Something that will stir the audience.
  42. Not a duplication of life, if it does you have monotony, but a reflection of life. Audience says, "Yes, I know I felt that way." Something that will stir the audience.
  43. No ways resembles life.
  44. Play to the audience's pulse. Everybody's life is a failure.
  45. Play the human being. Show the brave side of life. Look for opportunities.
  46. Recall things in life that the audience has forgotten.
  47. Resemble life: don't answer all answers all up front. Feel emotion, do objective. Let talent  take over. Less the better.
  48. The principles of acting come from all the things you do in life.
  49. That is the human dilemma, to do everything organized. Life: nothing organized.
  50. Theater is never life.
  51. To make it work: take life and make it bigger. Beyond performance size.
  52. View of things: seen through observation or experience through life.
  53. We go to the theater to live other life's.
  54. Writer gives story, character, dialogue. Actor gives it life.
  55. You are not in a temple, you have to be entertaining, larger than life, occupy the space.
  1. All of it is the sad story of life. It's the way life goes. It's sad, it's unfair, it's terrible, it's suffering, it's tragic. There is no good comedy without suffering.
  2. Black comedy: Weird, deal with life. Can't play straight. Comedy opposites. Key: Fun and nightmare. Don't go in and out of drama; soap opera. Need actors who are already off the wall.
  3. Farce is life turned upside down. What is norm, then don't do it.
  4. Think funny to end up funny, understand life.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."