main thrust of material



         What is the Main thrust: Drama: Move the audience.
Comedy: Amuse the audience.
  1. Main thrust: Drama; to feel audience.
  2. Problem with the scene: what is the main thrust of story: to get style. (Her clowning is laughing with the tears.)
  3. Main thread of the story.
  4. Main thrust: (feel terrible, sorry for her, she is a disaster with men, but goes on to be very successful in business.)
  5. Main thrust of material: What does it do to audience?
  6. For picking style: where is the greatest main thrust?

  1. All facet of Comedy is up front: bright lights, fast, main thrust to amuse. Everything is out. Character suffers.
  2. Main thrust is funny.
  3. Main thrust is to amuse.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."