purpose of the scene     director


     Everything has to have meaning.

     Good actor:

when to do it.
how to do it.
right choices.

     Audience is waiting for information, indicate with thought.

     Get rid of everything that doesn't have meaning. Strip down to only the essentials. Dispense with everything that is dispensable.



give it meaning
be specific
make a point.

            Can't act the size you live. Real is very dull. Heightened reality, condensed in what is meaningful.

  1. Dialogue are only noises we make. We don't mean what we say. Understand the audience.
  2. Don't act in a vacuum, react. Use each object for its meaning. Audience is barely listening, they are watching.
  3. Each moment has meaning.
  4. In story telling, don't take up time with things that don't matter, art of compression. Everything you do must be meaningful, audience is waiting for information. Indicate with thought.
  5. Make all lines full and meaningful throughout.
  6. Mask of boss: noble, I can't be bribed, bull shit. Human greed, frailty, that is meaning of play.
  7. Never think what I would think. Think what the playwright is saying for his time period. What is the meaning under the words?
  8. Pictures have meaning.
  9. Stage only for meaning: Content.
  10. The answer is, you have to make everything that happens meaningful.
  11. What the whole film means to the audience.
  12. Every movement, same precision as comedy, each thing has meaning.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."