Monologue. Anything you can do with imagination is better. Less props.

  1. You have to do something to get attention. Don't do original stuff. Talking to yourself, when thinking, talk to the door, talk like you are talking to yourself, don't be inside yourself.
  2. Try to find a mark on wall, an object, chair.
  3. There is no such thing as a monologue. Never talking to yourself. Visualize somebody in the room or a mark, etc. Create the center of attention by concentrating on the mark.
  4. Have a voice and lungs. Speak clearly. Simple, clear, clean. Too much means insecurity of actor.
  5. Use charm and good posture.
  6. Relax yourself.
  7. Emotion. Objective.
  8. Don't show personal anxiety.
  9. Director wants to see if you can talk. Monologue
  10. Start big. Like a celebration.
  11. If holding a hand, look like you are holding a hand "sensory memory", this will tell a director you can act.
  12. Judged by emotional power.
  13. A quality casting director wants it all about emotion.
  14. Don't recover, keep emotion, don't recover.
  15. QUESTION: How would you suggest working on a monologue by yourself? ANSWER: Well, think of it as masturbation, you always imagine somebody else don't you?
  16. Monologue, pick a point to talk to.
  17. How do I see this part?
  18. Knuckle head: Audition directly into their eyes.
  19. Person knowledgeable: Don't act into their eyes.
  20. You really have to talk somebody, see the person, find the words. Spontaneity.
  21. Learn the words forget them.
  22. Create the truth of the moment. Changes of pace, rhythm, and shape of scene.
  23. Have to touch a human cord.
  24. Series of failures.
  25. Don't be smooth or correct.
  26. Apply to your work.
  27. No such thing as a monologue: you talk to yourself, never talk to nothing.
  28. You have to create a person or object to focus eyes on.
  29. Lead with the center of the character.
  30. The effect the scene has on audience: horrifying, etc.
  31. There is no such thing as a monologue. You are talking to another person in a chair, or yourself, in another chair, a ghost, something. Don't talk to a generalization. Absolute reality. They're looking for someone natural. 1. After choice of emotion and objective, then reach for the words. Don't know what words are coming up: learn lines, then forget them.
  1. Comic element, basic joke.
  2. Humor is only failure of a character.
  3. You have to see the humor in life to be humorous.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."