A normal view of people in dramatic situations... suspense.

            styles     suspense

  1. Audience wonders what will come next gets our wonderments. Give audience time to say "what would I do?" Director: quality is story telling make and come to edge and peer over, that's mystery..
  2. Don't play mystery; mysteriously.
  3. Humor counter point of mystery..
  4. It's all foreplay. "You open a door and somebody goes to look you shut it fast." That is what you keep doing to the audience. See how the dialogue goes with what you are doing? Don't forget everybody wears a mask. She is delightful. The situation creates the mystery. She has to be charming. Don't be mysterious.
  5. It was missing the game; not just glum. The fun of it: sense of  humor. To find the right man.
  6. Key to playing mystery. Manner is ordinary. Current of emotion hidden. Emotion is strong: but don't show it. Surface is ordinary.
  7. Machine like. By choices: How is it possible? Doing it because it was written that way. End result must be creditability. Bring up doubts in character, will create more suspense. All possibilities for mystery: What does she mean, a lot of unanswered questions.
  8. Must take audience into mystery place, better than yelling. It's all the unknown. Retain mystery.
  9. Must have suspense.
  10. Mystery, definition: a normal view of people in dramatic situation, with an emphasize on suspense.
  11. Mystery is scary.
  12. Mystery like comedy has derailment.
  13. Mystery must be guarded. Audience is saying all the if's.
  14. Mystery: not necessarily a puzzle to be solved. Based on suspense, main focus, scare the audience. Don't be gloomy or mysterious. Approach to work that it is witty, charming, macabre.
  15. Mystery of life.
  16. Mystery: Overly apprehensive, so intense people must be where something might occur. In the face of the unknown. Place of enchantment. You have to create the alarm. Sense of danger, apprehensive, create that atmosphere. Discipline the mind.
  17. Mystery requires it to be a contest.
  18. Mystery: suspense in the key.
  19. Mystery: What's wrong?
  20. Mystery: Will he, won't he, will she, won't she. Find out when to extend moments, it could go either way. Don't hurry, explore every possible moment. Good guys going to win, bad guys going to win, stretch the rubber band.
  21. Never got past being a scene. Everything seems planned.
  22. Secret of mystery: the coiled snake.
  23. Suspense is: what is the catch? Mystery can be more than suspense, here it is. Main essence of story. Where is the efficient? What is the story? What is the purpose of scene? What are the moments that progress scene? The story efficient. Loren Dern; funny face, not a beauty, but sexy. Beauty comes within.
  24. What shape the scene should take. What is the suspense based on: (her breaking.) Play brings humanity against government.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."