The only pauses in speech; to find the right word or special emphasis.

  1. Actors with great magic: Use of pauses.
  2. Be aware of key lines; get it out. Don't act each line, find lines to throw away. Keep the lines fluid until pause.
  3. Behavior, know the pause.
  4. Do away with meaningless pauses. Don't talk fast.
  5. Earn right for pauses.
  6. Give audience time for important pauses, to let their imagination work. Relate to their own experiences.
  7. Keep the lines fluid until pause.
  8. Playing serious, if chuckle, don't pause, so joke areas don't work. Audience gets the hint.
  9. The rule is that pace is not hurried, pace is doing away with meaningless pauses.
  10. You must earn pauses otherwise you bore audience.

  1. Can't destroy comedy material. Do away with all meaningless pauses.
  2. Go through same rules of Farce no pauses. Has to be loud and must be funny. Go in a great panic.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."