Do all your planning, work it out, learn the words and then step off into space.


     Dream up a plan or chart:

     Three basic questions:

who am I?

what do I feel? what do I want?

     Don't make bad choices. If the choices are wrong, scene won't work.

          Forget what you have planned when you act.


     Never do anything without a plan.

Actor's Plan:

What is the drama in scene?
How to plan the scene from what is happening?
Find interesting things to do then stay with it.
It is a state of mischief. Approach as mischief to audience.
All choices how people will react. You begin to make choices.
Look for the selfish motive of character.
Effect scene has on audience.
What is each trying to achieve? Look for what is ironic in situation.
Find the conflict. Every scene look for two guys in a ring.
Act III resolve what everything the audience should know.

     When you're planning a scene, remember that it is part of a journey through the story. So, you got to say to yourself, if I start here, can I arrive here? That's what to be a planner is. What comes after this?

           Don't look for order. Order is only found in the plan, but doing it is not organized.


     How to plan the scene from a showmanship point of view?

     It's like a chef planning a meal. He doesn't serve you the same thing. If you start with a asparagus, is the main course asparagus, does he give you asparagus fruit, does he end up with asparagus cake?

     What should be happening here?

      What is the heart in it, what is the core in it?

     What should be happening that is dramatic?
     Let's look at the elements that are in the story.

     Audience is very sentimental.


     Always plan the shape of scene.

     Working clean:

     Do everything in specific order.
     Don't rehearse things to do. Feel-think-do technique will come up with things to do.
     Planning before on being the other person, then don't plan when you start doing.
     Rehearsal: don't think how well it's going to be.

     People are afraid to be ridiculous.

           What you do is plan up until lighting the match. You don't plan the explosion.


     You need to plan the scene:

     Plan it cleverly.

work it out

you've told your body, now don't act carefully.

learn the words
then step off into space

     Plan a prank on audience, it can't look planned.

           Must play the discoveries, not line to line. The characters form a bond in steps. Give the audience time.

           Must have a plan.

           Certainty is wrong. Do all your planning, work it out, learn the words and then step off into space.

           Planning my performance.

          When planning a tragic scene, the actor must know how much is the scene working for them, then lay back.

          You have to know where the laughs are and then define them. Comedian has to decide where laugh is. Leave time for laugh. Know in your planning the big ones, normal ones, chuckles, etc.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."