play comedy


          How to play comedy

          Comedy is an exact science and anyone can learn it.

          To pry open the comedy clock... secret little wheels that make it tick.

          All comedy is the derailing of a train of thought. derailment

          The continuous track principle is the goldmine for comedy. The track has to be continuous until the beat before the train gets derailed.

          No interest in neurasthenic acting: Method acting.

          Method is absolute death to comedy.

            Jokes can be dialogue, visual and even in sound, the same principle always a

          The beat must always be there "to cue the audience", so they know when to laugh.

            Ride the laugh.

          You mustn't louse up the joke with physical "business" that distracts the audience.

          Working clean

            Pace is achieved by doing away with all meaningless pauses.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."