plays of language


            Plays of language.

              Shakespeare     iambic pentameter

  1. Audience knows the play. Wilder is the star, Shakespeare is the star, get it?
  2. It has no form. In Shakespeare lines of play must be spoken out. No breath. Play of language.
  3. Skills of articulation. 5 beats. What you emphasize and what you don't emphasize. Practice to speak these words. Plays of language. Oscar Wild.
  4. To exist in the clothes of that time.
  5. Play of language = simplicity.
  6. Language play - can't move all over, just speak.
  7. Play of language: Full rhythm of words.
  8. Play of language. Odet, Wilds etc.
  9. Play of language: Author is star.
  10. Play of language: Words are highly significant.
  11. Plays of language: don't get too busy, speak clearly and slowly.
  12. Play tragedy, or language plays.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."