All acting is part of story telling: must make your points.

     Whole point of scene:

     Central point:

     (The theme)

(the discovery of the needle).

     What is going on in the story?

(condoms in purse).
(the phonies in America, the rich, buy their way out of things).
(their friend has committed suicide).
(make us feel sorry for girl).

     Reason it out according to story, so the rest of the story can go where the narrative is going. Point to point. Colors and dimensions.

          Make the point as an actor; have a moment to size up situation and physicalize it.
  1. Point made in story, roots of it. Give it meaning, be specific, and make a point. Play the values. Clarity of point. Showman: every point is made. Words won't do it.
  2. Clear makes a point.
  3. Get each point to point.
  4. Make specific point. Must have a cause.
  5. Nothing as a viewer can watch. The point to be made.
  6. Old acting is making point in scene.
  7. Point of the scene is...
  8. Tell the point of the scene.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."