Understanding "protagonist" versus "antagonist".

            The person the audience is rooting for.

            The person they're against.

  1. Mistake: Don't have a protagonist feel sorry for themselves.
  2. Miles away from play. Who is protagonist? Don't make blanket results. What is play really about? Audience must know about character.
  3. Over come pity then you're protagonist. Don't act pity don't play "see how weak I am.
  4. Protagonist is venerable, admirable, the audience likes. Antagonist - things that we will dislike.
  5. No defeat for the character. Must be admirable to audience to be protagonist.
  6. What are we watching with the protagonist?
  7. Learn how not to lose the audience if you're the protagonist.
  8. Look for interesting things of the characters. They are protagonists. Antagonist: difficulty of the theater.
  9. Protagonist choice things the audience admires.
  10. Who is the protagonist?
  11. Set-up as many difficulties for protagonist.
  12. Story:, Plot:, Who is central character: the protagonist. Find the rhythm of play. Find the key.
  13. What are we watching with the protagonist?
  14. Who are the protagonist?

"In the end, it can't look like acting."