purpose of the scene?


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     Every scene has a purpose.

     Further the story: What is the purpose of the scene?

     To show the time of President Hoover. The devastation of the time.

     Think simple, don't think plot. The purpose of the story, where does it go? Know what the scene does to audience.

     Talking to another cell mate, what purpose is it supposed to achieve.
     "Cape Fear" Win over a fifteen year old girl: get her confidence, charm her, so nice, so magical.
     Everything is not O.K.
     To show that this problem is unsolvable.
     Establish relationship. He constantly try's to please him.

     Live it, do it, in life you have a purpose.

    Know the story, purpose of scene and some idea what are you going to do.

     Mystery can be more than suspense, here it is. Main essence of story.    Where is the efficient? What is the story? What is the purpose of scene. What are the moments that progress scene? The story efficient. Lorne (Dern; funny face, not a beauty, but sexy. Beauty comes within).

"In the end, it can't look like acting."