ragged edge


           Modern acting: ragged edge.

           Key to modern art is what I call the ragged edge. The same goes for modern acting.

             experiences       modern acting vs. old fashion acting       


        Modern acting: the use of the ragged edge.

     In Acting: don't prepare yourself to do something. ragged edge, what you bring to the work, you must get rid of.
don't smooth out things.
don't do mental acting.
allow the body to do what it knows.
always find the unexpected.
actors have to throw in difficulties.
          To resemble reality, it has to be conspired reality. A planned reality is not organized, it has a ragged edge, it is not smooth. That is the human dilemma. Do everything organized, but in life nothing is organized.

           Things have to be out of kilter, but don't try to look accidental as possible. 

             Audience has to like you. What to avoid is stay away from business, don't be in a hurry, it is not all dialogue, and not all film acting.  

           Actors have a right to make their own decisions. The difficulty of being a star is you get no help at all.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."