feel, think, do     find the words

         The actor feels the emotion and thinks the objective to become the character, then reaches for the words to make the character look real.

         In drama, take your time, let audience get into your head. Use sense of timing, your inner ear. Stay sensitive, be aware of things around you. Everything has a beginning, middle and end. Every movement has meaning. The whole idea is to see how much you can give the character. Give them the emotion and inner life. Give yourself over to the whole moment. To be real, you must soak yourself.

        In modern acting you express with your body first, let that effect words. The audience's imagination must be satisfied.

        Your objective in not just what you think, it's what you do. Reveal human behavior. Nobody listens to you. Don't just sit down, but stage the moment. What should it do to the audience? Let me tell you something, unless you have magical things or very dramatical things to say don't just sit down, because when you sit down the audience sits down. Explore something, don't gloss over it. Don't just read well, instead come in with explored things. Don't just go from line to line, go under it. Find the diamonds, where others find horse turd. Explore all of it. Find all the possibilities in your script. 

        It's not just about objectives and emotions. It is knowing all of the tricks of holding the interest of the audience, telling the story well and making the right choices. You got to know all that. The audience is extremely sentimental, so play the value, not the dialogue. Approach a part with humility, not black and white. Don't make a direct appeal to audience. They won't go for it. You have to lead them into it. 

        As an actor you can't be to structured, you have to find a way to bury the wheel. Keep audience off balance don't let them know what is coming next. Always find the unexpected.

        Make it look real; quality of the accidental.

        Every moment has value, forget real.

        Be real people, don't be all over the place.

        Make audience believe it is real, even though it isn't real.

        Don't put audience on guard, warm them up. Creep up on audience and be real.

        Idea in theater is that it looks real.

       When watching a movie, watch for essence of what they are doing, that makes it real. Don't try and copy.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."