Reality is not art. Avoid reality.

     Reality is not the answer.      Not reality, but creditability.
you have to forget it.

     If you present reality as reality, it doesn't entertain.


     Art is enhancing reality.

     What is the reality of this: (what kind of doctor am I.)

      Audience will give up illusions for reality.

     Job of actors and directors to recreate a reality, can't fake it, do this then that.

     Can't act the size you live. Real is very dull. Heightened reality, condensed in what is meaningful.
     Difference between reality and theatre: we are making a mirror image, a painting of something.

     If you can't go back to the principle, you can't go back to reality.

            art and reality     basis in reality

  1. What is reality?
  2. Always find the unexpected. To resemble reality, it has to be conspired reality. A planned reality is not organized, it has a ragged edge, it is not smooth. Actors have to throw in difficulties, that is the human dilemma. Do everything organized, because in life nothing is organized.
  3. Acting natural won't get you anywhere. You have to be above the mob, you have to have fire in the belly. If you carry dullness, you're doomed. Stand-up there and vibrate, forget reality and just look for the theatrical.
  4. Art is not reality, art is selective reality.
  5. Doesn't smell of reality in scene.
  6. Find the middle ground, anchored in reality. (Scene lacks spontaneity and reality).
  7. Have reality, don't make a speech.
  8. Actors are humans reacting to reality, where dancers try to be esthetic. So, don't make pretty pictures as actors.
  1. Don't think of Farce as just a series of pieces of business, underneath it has to have reality.
  2. Find the moments to sacrifice the humor for reality.
  3. Go for reality, then go for funny.
  4. Humor relies on reality. Not on actor's thinking of jokes.
  5. Laurel and Hardy goofy, but basis in reality.
  6. Make it all happen in heightened reality.
  7. Must achieve reality. Joke sets up, what they are. Tell the story and get the laugh. (Couple of hypocrites.) Joke based on character.
  8. Only deal actuality. Create a reality. Can't both be hysterical. Both can't be comedian. (She is straight to his insanity.)
  9. Opposites, contradiction of reality.
  10. Play the situation. The reality of the situation, the humor will arise from that.
  11. Shtick should be closer to reality.
  12. Weird but have reality of it.
  13. Constant reminders of reality in the weirdness.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."

















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