1. Attitude of two men to each other.
  2. Relationship, lost soul in world of romance.
  3. Have relationship playing off each other.
  4. Real human relationship. Real human relationship is many layers, it's not just simple like we would to make it. No relationship is. To save him doesn't make sense, but that is the way people are. No body thinks of them self as a son-of-a-bitch. Why did I kill him, because I loved him.
  5. Don't do busy work, must have a relationship.
  6. Don't walk into a scene with the same energy of life. Act with a larger energy. Use everything you can in your relationship.
  7. Find an attitude: find a relationship.
  8. Get them to have a relationship. "One makes the pancakes, the other eats them".
  9. Go for real human relationship.
  10. Hardest thing to do is to relate to other people.
  11. Have relationship playing off each other.
  12. Know dramatic interest: lack of connection between the two.
  13. No relation is over, as long as there are hostilities.
  14. No relationship is over until the hostility is gone.
  15. Plan according to where story takes them. Make an interesting relationship. Don't do black and white approach. Good or evil.
  16. Play relationship that has gone on for years, (wife and daughter, husband and wife.)
  17. Play a scene: where does this relationship go.
  18. Relate to each other.
  19. Relation.
  20. Relationship between them: (a guy with no cunning.)
  21. Relationship. Pursue those values.
  22. Relationship, lost soul in world of romance.
  23. Show what is relationship.
  24. Show history between people.
  25. The entire relationship.
  26. The trouble with most marriages is that each person thinks the other person is having more fun than they are.
  27. What is their relationship?
  28. Who am I?; Part of it is what is my relationship to the other person.
  29. What are their attitudes. How they react to each other.
  30. What is the partnership: one makes the pancakes, the other one eats them.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."