Don't reveal everything at once.

            Develop a little stopwatch in your inner ear, how long a dramatic moment.

            Develop a sense of rhythm, doesn't go along a straight, monotonous line.

  1. Have to reveal the characters in the scene.
  2. If you have the stage to yourself at the start of a scene, you have to help tell the story reveal your character, reveal pieces of the story within those few minutes.
  3. Story telling and reveal character. That is what it is all about.
  4. The secret on how to be scary. Eichmann in the train station.
  5. Never give all of story in one scene. Where do I fit in. What I will reveal in scene. Learn to conserve.
  6. People don't reveal.
  7. Principle: Don't reveal everything at once.
  8. Reveal human behavior. Nobody listens to you. Don't just sit down.
  9. Revealing character, audience have more knowledge.
  10. Reveal one veil at a time.
  11. Reveal the character to the audience.
  12. Story revealed, step by step.

  1. Values. Everything is an opportunity, play them. To reveal character, not all laughs.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."