Develop a sense of rhythm, doesn't go along a straight, monotonous line.

             scene      stage

  1. Bad actor knows all words and says them in same rhythm. Lifeless words.
  2. Change rhythm.
  3. Changes of behavior, how quickly or how slowly.
  4. Dance of fear, take on the rhythm, changes of rhythm, keep audience on edge.
  5. Don't have same rhythm or same tone.
  6. Don't have a sameness.
  7. Find different ways, so it isn't the same, loud here, soft there.
  8. Have rhythm.
  9. High point, low point = rhythm.
  10. Has to be rhythm. American actors are taught to sound like people in the street.
  11. How to find rhythm?
  12. How your instincts go with emotions. Have rhythm.
  13. Keep changing the tempo.
  14. One: changes of rhythm, have audience constantly off balance.
  15. Play of language: Full rhythm of words.
  16. Rhythm must be different, art comes from other art.
  17. Rhythm. Don't have a sameness.
  18. Rhythm: fast talk, slow walk, etc.
  19. Same rhythm is dull, you must alert audience.
  1. Don't go for chuckles all the time, because audience may laugh but not leave liking it. Go for the big laughs once in awhile. Do not stay with the same rhythm throughout.
  2. Rhythm of line, did not work clean, justify what they do.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."