selfish motive


            Look for selfish motive of the character.

            Everyone has a self motive, doing it for themselves.


  1. Act III resolve what everything the audience should know. Look for the selfish motive. What is the drama in scene? How to plan the scene from what is happening. Find the conflict. Every scene look for two guys in a ring.
  2. Give yourself something too hard to act. Principle: (he wants to be free), selfish motive. (Hope) is the emotion he behaves the way we want him to behave. Objective is something you can do something about it, not just philosophical. 
  3. Selfish-motive is the core of our behavior. Don't find what is nice to play: find the motive of the character. Good actor: gets further into the character.
  4. What will this effect have on the audience. Look for selfish motive.
  5. What is she trying to accomplish?
  6. We don't do things for other people. We are selfish.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."