sense memory


            Sense-memory has nothing to do with emotions.

            Our mind and body rebel, they refuse to leave reality for illusion.

            Our five senses:







     Where ever possible use sense memory.

     Sense memory:

how to drink?

     Try to find specifics.

of being cold. etc.

     Learn to do things with your imagination, that is what sense memory is. Dialogue is least important.

           Completely convinced you are the character. The actor: you have to buy the story. You are convinced you are the "sheriff", etc. Complete sense memory. Acting is like self-hypnotism.


     Sense memory substitution.      Audition: If holding a hand, look like you are holding a hand "sensory memory", this will tell a director you can act.

          Look for the element of hot or cold, etc. Circumstances you bring to material. Don't turn it into an opera of sense memory. Just enough to show you are hot or cold.

            Style never changes and where ever possible use sense memory.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."