1. Between normal speech and oratory. Drum beat of the language, the poetry.
  2. Can I play Shakespeare?
  3. Can't turn Shakespeare into now.
  4. Lines are the noises people are making. Mostly lies anyway. Don't take it literally. Each word doesn't have the truth, unless the play is a language play: Shakespeare, Wilder, etc.
  5. It has no form. In Shakespeare lines of play must be spoken out. No breath. Play of language.
  6. Must have a minimum of 7 voices coming out. Form: "Shape of the scene". Use form (game playing) slow revelation of the character.
  7. People come to hear Shakespeare. Don't speak in a hurry, can't speak contemporary.
  8. Play period have perfect posture.
  9. Shakespeare: speak slowly.
  10. Shakespeare: acting is making words into flesh.
  11. Shakespeare takes four times as long.
  12. Six times the vocal range.
  13. Slow it down four times.
  14. Talk clearly and slowly. When to breathe. Five beats then breathe.
  15. To exist in the clothes of that time.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."