shape of the scene


     The shape of the scene.

  1. Always plan the shape of scene.
  2. Drama: plan the shape; don't be repetitious.
  3. Each scene has its own shape, so you don't have sameness, it leads to boredom for audience.
  4. Form: put shape into it.
  5. Keep rubber band stretched. What shape the scene should take? What is the suspense based on: (her breaking.) Play brings humanity against government.
  6. Know where you are in the play.
  7. Look at the shape. What is the story?
  8. Form: "Shape of the scene". Use form (game playing) slow revelation of the character.
  9. Plan the shape; don't be repetitious.
  10. Shape to scene: where does scene go?
  11. There was no shape to scene. Dialogue was just loud and soft only.
  1. Doing Farce you must know the joke. Exactly where you want to laugh. Know shape of the scene. Comedy is an exact science.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."