How to plan the scene from a showmanship point of view. What should be happening here? What should be happening that is dramatic? Let's look at the elements that are in the story.

          It is like a chef planning a meal. He doesn't serve you the same thing. If you start with an asparagus, is the main course asparagus, does he give you asparagus fruit, and does he end up with asparagus cake?

          The answer is, you have to make everything that happens meaningful; an attention getter. You have to keep the audience awake.  Your first job is to keep them interested.  You're not teaching them about humanity, you're entertaining them.  You must keep them interested.  More... 

  1. Actor is a showman.
  2. Actor showmanship.
  3. Actor: you have stuff to become a good actor, must make good choices. WHAT IT IS ABOUT? SHOWMANSHIP.
  4. Balance: Showmanship.
  5. Be a showman, not just an actor.
  6. Deal with life bravely. Showmanship.
  7. Director showmanship.
  8. Don't make apparent choices. Today, what's off beat, be a showman.
  9. First rule: must entertain the people. Don't be a downer. People will turn you down. Deal with life bravely. Showmanship.
  10. Literal Interpretation. Must do showmanship. Cardinal sin: boredom. Give audience a circus.
  11. Making points, play the values. Clarity of point. Showman: every point is made.
  12. Naturalism is dull, you have to give them a circus.
  13. Now, what do you think is special about these two people in this situation? From a showmanship's point of view. What are you going to do to make it interesting? To make it entertaining.
  14. Showmanship. (Well trained actors)
  15. Showmanship. Every moment.
  16. Think of showmanship, think of a new way.
  1. "Cheers": Farce. Ted: give him girls drunk and he still wants commitment. Ted reluctant virgin. Basic situation, basic joke: strange bedfellows (That idea pursued idea). How to deal with joke: just exposition to exposition.
  2. Get in key of Comedy. Show bizz not a cathedral. Audience wants to see people suffer.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."