1. Abstract situation, behavior not conventional.
  2. Are people in difficult situation.
  3. Depend on situation and character, just don't run around.
  4. Don't make everything important. Don't make every moment a gem. Don't have two people posturing. Look for what is ironic in situation. Reason for plays.
  5. Don't play a man not knowing his situation. Read about times and places; make decisions.
  6. Now, what do you think is special about these two people in this situation? From a showmanship's point of view. What are you going to do to make it interesting? To make it entertaining.
  7. Play the situation, ideal and truth.
  8. Play the situation, not just words.
  9. Situation going on.
  10. What is the audience concerned about: situation.
  11. What situation is going on here that audience have seen forever.
  12. You can't do what you did, it's not radio. What is the situation? What is the story? What is the thing that would interest the audience? The first thing you have to look for.
  1. All comedy situations have to get more terrible, the minute you get over it, the humor is gone.
  2. Build situations for character. (Build a hefty weapon to kill the spider.)
  3. How crazy is the situation?
  4. Humor is playing out every moment. Humor of each situation. Humor is not waiting for the first lines.
  5. Most difficult situation, find humor.
  6. Play the situation. The reality of the situation, the humor will arise from that.
  7. Still has to have combat  here the situation is funny.
  8. What is the comedy situation? Look for what is amusing.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."