stand on stage

            Stage moves for the theater and for the camera are opposite.

  1. Acting a stage entrance. Come from a previous place.
  2. Acting on the stage and for the camera are the same, the difference is proportions.
  3. Be a fool on stage.
  4. Cannot command a stage in high voice.
  5. If you have the stage to yourself at the start of a scene, you have to help tell the story reveal your character, reveal pieces of the story within those few minutes.
  6. Learn how to be an entertainer. Take hold of stage. (She has to be passive with answer, he is aggressor), somebody has to be energy. That is a theatrical scene.
  7. Lighting - sound {it was focused}
  8. Light the stage with thought and feeling.
  9. Stage minimal.
  10. Take over the stage or someone else will.
  11. The emotion is true, the objective is true, everything else is conspired. Lightings, settings, etc.

"In the end, it can't look like acting."